Mitas – Rubena

Prague, 27 March 2015 – Rubena bicycle tyres will gradually be rebranded as Mitas. ČGS HOLDING a.s., the owner of both manufacturers, is continuing in its consolidation of the portfolio under the Mitas brand. The producer of off-road tyres MITAS a.s. is a leading European producer of agricultural tyres, but its range includes industrial, motorcycle, aviation, and newly also bicycle tyres. At the beginning of April 2015, the Mitas portfolio will first expand to include premium Rubena bicycle tyres, and the entire product range of this traditional Czech manufacturer will be gradually rebranded as Mitas by mid 2016.
“Mitas will offer the complete range of bicycle tyres and tubes that is currently sold under the brand Rubena. The goal is to consolidate tyre production within the ČGS group under one brand,” said Rudolf Peca, Rubena’ CEO.
Rubena is Europe’s largest bicycle tyre manufacturer, currently offering more than 350 types in nine distinct categories, such as MTB, Extreme, BMX, and City & Tour Trek. Rubena is also the largest and Europe’s only producer of bicycle tubes, with some 400 types.
All bicycle tyres and tubes will continue to be produced by Rubena a.s. The business terms and conditions as well as the distribution network will remain unchanged.
“The consolidation of tyre production in the ČGS HOLDING a.s. parent group under one brand is a step in the right direction. Mitas is known all over the world, thanks to the broad range of its products. Global marketing and the promotion of a single brand will be far more effective. We believe that under the Mitas brand, with more intensive promotion, we can achieve better sales results,” said Zdeňka Jílková, Director of Sales at SBU Velo.
The Mitas logo has also been revised, having been adapted especially for the bicycle tyre product range. Newly, the logo boasts the slogan “Designed for you“, which will be used both in the cycle and moto segments.
The Mitas brand has already been presented in association with bicycle tyres, this March, as one of the main sponsors of the Cape Epic race in South Africa.
MITAS a.s. is one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural tyres. Mitas makes and sells tyres under three brands: its own Mitas and Cultor, and the licensed Continental. In addition, MITAS a.s. produces and distributes a broad range of industrial and motorcycle tyres under the Mitas brand. MITAS a.s. is a member of the ČGS HOLDING a.s., operates three plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia, and one in the US, and maintains a global sales and distribution network.
RUBENA a.s. is a leading European producer with a tradition of more than 100 years in the sphere of technical rubbers, such as anti-vibration parts for the automobile industry, rubber-textile products for special use, such as V-belts, air springs, rubber dams and flood protection walls, rubber compounds, as well as bicycle tyres and tubes and other accessories. RUBENA a.s. is a member of ČGS HOLDING a.s., and operates three production plants in the Czech Republic and one in Mexico, where it produces selected products for the automobile industry. Rubena has introduced an integrated quality and environmental management system in line with the international ISO standard and other applicable European standards. The modern system of production planning and management it has introduced is an important tool for maintaining and developing its worldwide distribution network.